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They say the best things in life are free!

Well at we agree, this site is totally dedicated to FREE. Nought! that is what our services here will cost you.
WHY? I hear you cry, why would any sane business give away services we could charge for?
Well it is simples, to quote a well known Meerkat, we hope that when you find out how great our free stuff is you may wish to take some of the chargeable services from our parent company the place to go for web hosting, web design e commerce solutions and the like.
But in the mean time enjoy our FREE stuff, we are going to develop this site over the coming months to provide loads of FREE useful stuff for you to enjoy.
Our first FREEBIE is image hosting, you can upload your images to our servers and the software will provide the required HTML or link to be able to show your images on eBay, on any social networking site or via email, just copy and paste! Click above to try.
Are you a not for profit organisation or registered charity? Would you like a FREE web hosting package complete with email? Our parent company has allocated us 5 freebie hosting packages with email worth up to £100 a year to give away to deserving organisations absolutely FREE of charge. Contact for details.
Possible recipients include sports teams, after school clubs, charities, Youth groups, computer clubs, knitting groups.......
Free web hosting packages
Supporting British Business
Are you starting a company or already have a business and need help in these harsh economic  times? If the answer is yes and you are operating in the UK we will give you one years free hosting and design you a free ’business card’ page and 5 free email addresses. If you already have a site and wish to take advantage of a years free hosting then we will help you transfer it to us. All you need to do is purchase a domain name through us or transfer your existing domain to us FREE of charge. A domain name for 2 years only costs around £7.50 that is your total commitment. After your 1st FREE year if you wish us to carry on hosting your domain and email our packages start from only £50 per year or you can transfer your domain elsewhere for only £10.
Contact for details or signup HERE
For details of our hosting packages please visit our parent site